HT-1000 DIMM Handler

Advanced handling capabilities that support high throughput parallel DIMM testing.

The HT-1000 DIMM handler is a high performance automated handling system designed to maximize testing throughput in a production environment. When integrated with the TCIII-2133ST tester, up to 4 or 16 DUT's can be tested in parallel. The unit is designed to accommodate testing of JEDEC approved DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 DIMM's, LDIMM's & SODIMM's. DDR4 memories can be tested at speeds up to 2.1Gbps when using the TCIII-2133ST DIMM test system.

Flexible, user friendly, and affordable are just a few of the words being used to describe the HT-1000 automated handler. Whether you need to test finished modules or IC's, Triad Spectrum has a solution for your particular needs. When throughput is critical, the HT-1000 and HT-5064 automated handling systems provide the answer. In addition, these handling systems can be integrated with the Triad Spectrum line of TurboCATS test systems and to guarantee accurate, reliable and cost effective testing for most of your module and IC needs.


Advanced capabilities that support high throughput parallel testing
Efficient system with a high level of reliability and performance
Flexible DUT interface assembly
High parallel test of up to 4 DUTs per tester, 1 tester
Stand alone, compact unit with built-in controls
Sophisticated software tools
Real time system controller
Easy integration process
Customized to meet specific customer needs

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Provides an increase in throughput without an increase in cost

High parallel test of up to 4 DUTs per tester, 1 tester and parallel interface (TTL)

Allows independent handling of all DUT response. Flexible DUT interface assembly


Demo video

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Physical dimension L 805 mm (32") x W 1050 mm (41") x H 830 mm (33") (without lamp)
Air source 0.3 Mpa ~ 0.4 Mpa
Power requirements AC 220V single phase 50/60 Hz
Physical weight 150 kg (331 lbs)
Insertion tray (size) Maximum tray: 300 mm (12") x 170 mm (7")(20 DIMM's per tray)
Grab 2 DIMM's at a time
Throughput ~1600 UPH (test time = 0 / tray change 13 sec)
Tester interface Parallel interface
Operation panel 5.7-inch grey scale touch screen
Environment Temperature: 25°C (77°F); Humidity: 50% ~ 70% (no condensation allowed)
Compress air 3 kg / cm² (dry and clean air)
Test mode Maximum 4 DUTS per Tester, 1 Tester
Change over kit < 30 minutes
Kit options DDR2 / DDR3, LDIMM & SODIMM
Tray Loader / Unloader Manual
Warranty One-year labor and parts warranty

Software Screenshots

  • Main Operating Window

  • Signal tap tool

  • Script code program

  • Vector analyzer tool