HT-5064 IC Handler

Capable of testing up to 64 DUT's in parallel

If you are looking to test IC's then the HT-5064 IC handling system is the answer. Capable of testing up to 64 DUT's in parallel, the HT-5064 IC handler is a high performance, reliable, and cost effective tool designed for high volume production environments.

The flexible interface allows the user a great deal of leeway in terms of the types of packages that can be handled and tested when integrated with one of Triad Spectrum's multi-site test systems. Fast, reliable and efficient are terms that describe the new HT-5064 IC handler.

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High capacity state-of-the-art handling test system
Suitable for mass production use
High parallel test of up to 64 DUTs per tester
Advanced programming capabilities
Designed to integrate seamlessly into TurboCATS series
Multifunction sensors reduce maintenance and manpower requirements
Tailored to meet individual needs and requirements
User friendly interface
Energy-saving design

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Allows parallel testing of 64 DUTs per tester

High parallel test of up to 64 DUTs per tester. Improving the accuracy and increasing yield

Real time system controller. Advanced programming capabilities.


Demo video

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Pitch between sockets X=23 mm (1") Y=60 mm (2.4")
8x8 = 64 DUTS x 1 tester)
Shuttle N/A
Throughput 3000 UPH (Test time = 0)
Depends on QFN 7x7 IC, 12x30 matrix trays
Hot Plate Quantity Optional
Physical dimension W 1800 mm (71") x D 1800 mm (71") x H 2000 mm (77")
Max. dimension of tester head W 1200 mm (47") x D 600 mm (24") x H 400 mm (16")
Physical weight Approximately 1670 kg (3681 lbs)
Vacuum pad 1 x 8 = 8 pad
Temperature 50°C ~ 90°C ± 2°C, 90°C ~ 130°C ± 3°C
Device alignment Alignment pocket
Tester interface Parallel interface (TTL) Option: GPIB, RS-232C
Controller IPC
Operational panel Operation panel 15-inch TFT LCD
Mouse, Windows 2000 based on GUI
Power requirements 1 § AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 6KVA
Vacuum air Built in vacuum generator
Compress air 5 kg/cm² or more (dry and clean air)
Consumption 130 NL/min
Environment Temperature: 5°C ~ 40°C
Humidity: 50% ~ 80% (no condensation is allowed)
Change over kit < 20 minutes
Machine color White
Warranty 64 DUTS per tester, 1 tester
ESD Optional: Ionizer Socket area < 30v Other area < 50v
Socket height 1060 mm (41.7")
Jam rate < 1/3000
Test mode 64 DUTS per tester, 1 tester
Tray Loader / Unloader Capacity Auto Input Tray 1+ Empty Tray 1:
Stack height max. 250mm (9.8") & Weight max. 15 kg (33 lbs)
  Auto Output Tray 1, 2, 3, 4:
Stack height max. 250mm (9.8") & Weight max. 15kg (33 lbs)
Output Manual Bin Tray 1, 2
Contact Open top socket / Drop contact
Binning Maximum 7 bins
Heating method Test head: Hot air chamber
Test socket Open top socket

Software Screenshots

  • Main Operating Window

  • Signal tap tool


  • Script code program

  • Vector analyzer tool