The Power of High-Speed MBHR-125 with the Heat Chamber

Motherboard VBump at your Fingertips

Speed continues to be a focus for most people in the PC industry. Along with speed customers want smaller packaging. Mechanical cases/packages for laptops, PDA's, etc. continue to shrink in size and with this a major issue becomes heat. Manufacturers are finding that as speed increases and package sizes decrease, the amount of heat being built up within the enclosure is causing problems for the memory used in the devices.

Vdd can vary from 1.35v to 1.6v for DDR3 and 1.65v to 2.0v for DDR2. When voltage swings are combined with heat, memory failures can occur in laptops and other smaller packaged devices. Testing for potential issues related to voltage swings and heat can finally be accomplished at a very affordable price.


Power up with MBHR-125 & Heat Chamber

Triad Spectrum is proud to introduce its Heat Chamber/VBUMP kit to assist OEM's, resellers, and integrators in detecting potential memory issues on motherboards resulting from heat and voltage swings. The kit includes both a heat chamber and a Vdd swing simulator.

  • DDR3
  • DDR2

Vdd Swing Simulator


7 Selectable on board output (DDR2 & DDR3)

Predefined Selectable Output Swings



Propritary MB test program may direct control the Heat Chamber and Vdd Swings by software in real time controls.


Heat Chamber Specifications:

Input Power (heat chamber controller):
AC Power: 220V AC, 50Hz (90-110% of rated voltage), 3A
DC Power: 12V DC (supplied from motherboard)
Input Power (motherboard rack):
AC Power: 110/220V AC, 50Hz (90-110% of rated voltage)
Front Panel Display: Real time temperature monitoring
Controllable Temperature Range: 25°C to 85°C, Resolution 1°C and Accuracy +/- 2°C
Motherboard is not included
Floppy drive and power supply are provided
Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.0" (380mm) x 13.2" (335mm) x 12.9" (328mm)
Weight: 27.6 lb (12.5 kg)


Motherboard VBump Specifications:

Input Power: DC 5V & 12V (supplied from motherboard)
Output Power: Programmable Output Voltage: DDR3: 1.35V - 1.65V
Output Power: Programmable Output Voltage: DDR2: 1.65V - 2.0V
Output Power: Programmable Output Voltage: Maximum current 16A, Resolution 0.05V
Dimension: 2.5" (64mm) x 2.0" (50m)
Floppy drive and power supply are provided
Dimension (LxWxH): 15.0" (380mm) x 13.2" (335mm) x 12.9" (328mm)
Weight: 27.6 lbs (12.5 kg)

Software Screenshots

  • Quick Test (default by factory)

  • Test Device Configuration


  • SPD Data

  • Security Privilege