Triad Spectrum is Your Memory Tester Partner.

Triad Spectrum designs, manufacturers and sells memory testing equipment for semiconductors, manufacturers, system integrators and distributors. The founders of Triad Spectrum have over 50 combined years of experience in the memory industry. Triad Spectrum serves customers worldwide.


Triad Spectrum, Inc. has emerged as one of the leaders in the design and manufacturing of automated test equipment for the ever changing memory industry. OEM's are constantly faced with rising costs and diminishing profits in the memory industry. Their demands for high performance, cost effective test solutions have been met by the design team at Triad Spectrum, Inc. Since 1995, the founders of Triad Spectrum have been committed to total customer satisfaction through roduct excellence and superior customer service. With agreements in place with a large number of OEM's, Triad Spectrum continues to be a leader in the development of state of the art test systems that meet the rigid demands of their OEM partners.

In 1996, Triad Spectrum released the first cost effective test system that tested at true bus speed. As the technology evolved over the years, the demand for higher degrees of accuracy and better correlation between functional testing and motherboard compatibility have evolved as well. The complete line of TurboCATS test systems has proven to be the most cost effective and accurate method of testing both IC's and modules for a broad customer base. From OEM's to resellers, the TurboCATS testers are the ATE of choice when accuracy and reliability are required and cost effectiveness is a must.

Triad Spectrum continues to design and manufacture systems that test single modules at a time as well as multi-site units that test from 4 to 32 modules in parallel. IC testing ranges from 16 chips up to 128 chips. The Script Code software option gives OEM's the ability to develop their own test patterns for even greater control over their particular product. This illustrates the flexibility of the TurboCATS systems, as well as the willingness of management, to work with each individual customer to insure they are getting maximum performance at the best price.


Mission Statement

Triad Spectrum is committed to providing the most advanced cost effective memory test solutions through product excellence and superior customer support.

In a market where the only constant is change, reliable test equipment is the lifeline to success. By blending innovative technology and a "customer first" commitment to excellence, Triad Spectrum exceeds both industry and customer standards.